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the sulfur content of activated carbon


The sulfur content of activated carbon

Activated carbon is a widely-used adsorption material and has many applications in air purification, water treatment and environmental protection. To make sure its optimal performance remains intact, its sulfur content plays an integral part. In this article we'll look at its percentage ranges and their effect on performance.

As mentioned previously, sulfur content in activated carbon refers to the mass percentage of sulfur elements present. Typically speaking, its range lies between 1% and 5%; an increase in sulfur content will enhance both its adsorption capacity and selectivity - as sulfur has strong affinity to form stable sulfides with many organic pollutants, thus improving adsorption effects.

However, too much sulfur content can have a negative impact on activated carbon performance. Once sulfur content exceeds 5%, its adsorption capacity decreases due to an accumulation of sulfides on its surface that prevents its ability to adsorb pollutants like pollutants like airborne mercury vapor or other pollutant molecules. Furthermore, too much sulfide causes pores of activated carbon to become blocked reducing both its volume and specific surface area and therefore further decreasing adsorption capacity.

Activated carbon is an efficient means of eliminating most organic pollutants. For certain special applications requiring highly selective absorption of sulfides such as hydrogen sulfide, activated carbon with a higher sulfur content may be chosen; however, typically not exceeding 5%.

Care must be taken when selecting an activated carbon product to meet specific application needs, in terms of both preparation methods and conditions, and range available.

As per customer requirements, select an acceptable sulfur content range. It is also important to take into account how preparation processes may influence its sulfur content so as to guarantee that your chosen activated carbon meets all application needs.


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