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What is Garnet Waterjet Sand?


What is Garnet Waterjet Sand?


Garnet waterjet sand is an abrasive used for waterjet cutting that primarily comprises garnet particles with additives added. Garnet is an extremely hard and wear-resistant natural mineral, making it the ideal material to use when cutting with a waterjet. Waterjet cutting works by spraying abrasive particles onto materials to be cut at high-pressure water flows, creating frictional heat between these abrasive particles and their surfaces; in this way, the material can be cut with ease. Garnet waterjet sand is well known for its outstanding cutting effects and stability, making it suitable for cutting metals, glass, ceramics and other materials. When selecting waterjet sand for cutting operations, its appropriateness must be selected based on actual cutting needs, material type and equipment conditions.


What are the characteristics of garnet waterjet sand?


Waterjet sand garnet is an abrasive designed for use in waterjet cutting and has the following properties:

1. High Hardness: Waterjet sand garnet has an extremely hard Mohs scale rating, typically between 7.5-8.0. This allows it to withstand the high pressure and high flow rate produced during waterjet cutting without succumbing to wear and tear, thus guaranteeing cutting efficiency and quality.

2. Dark Color: Waterjet-grade garnet is typically dark red in hue due to its rich iron and aluminum content. With high hardness and wear resistance properties, making this garnet perfect for waterjet cutting applications.

3. Uniform Particles: High-grade waterjet sand garnet particles are evenly dispersed without excessively fine particles and dust, to avoid clogging up the cutting nozzle during cutting operations and diminish cutting efficiency.

4. Chemical Stability: Waterjet sand garnet offers superior chemical stability in waterjet cutting environments and will not react chemically with it, providing stability and safety during its cutting process.

5. Economical: Waterjet sand garnet is more cost-effective than alternatives like emery in cutting applications, providing cost savings during the process. Overall, its advantages include hardness, deep color depth uniform particles chemical stability and economy - making it an excellent option for waterjet cutting applications.


What are the characteristics of pink garnet waterjet sand?


Pink Garnet Waterjet Sand is an innovative abrasive that features light pink hues. It boasts several desirable characteristics that include:

1. High Hardness: Pink garnet waterjet sand differs from traditional garnet in that its hardness usually ranges between 8.0-8.5, making it more resistant to wear-related issues and providing increased cutting efficiency and quality.

2. Uniform Particle Size and Distribution: Pink garnet waterjet sand has more uniform particle sizes and distribution, without excessively fine particles and dust that may clog the waterjet nozzle during cutting processes and reduce efficiency.

3. Outstanding Chemical Stability: Pink garnet waterjet sand boasts outstanding chemical stability, making it safe and effective during waterjet cutting processes.

4. Economical: Pink garnet waterjet sand offers superior cost performance over alternatives such as emery and can significantly cut cutting process costs. Overall, pink garnet waterjet sand offers advantages of high hardness, uniform particles size distribution, good chemical stability and economy as a new waterjet cutting abrasive suitable for waterjet cutting applications.


Pink garnet 80-mesh waterjet sand is an abrasive used for waterjet cutting. Usually applied directly onto material surface for cutting through high pressure water flow to achieve cutting results, this technique involves two specific steps. These are: 1. Spray directly onto material that requires cutting. 1. Prepare Materials: Prepare materials that need to be cut, making sure that their surfaces are free from impurities and clean and flat. 2. Install Waterjet Equipment: Set up waterjet equipment properly and make sure it works as intended. 3. Observe its Performance 3. 1. Add Pink Waterjet Sand: For optimal use of your waterjet equipment, ensure it contains pink 80-mesh waterjet sand by adding an appropriate quantity. 2. Start Your Waterjet: Turn on your equipment and spray pink waterjet sand onto surfaces where material needs cutting. 5. Cutting is complete: Once waterjet cutting has been completed, the material is extracted, cleaned, and processed accordingly. Note that during the cutting process, parameters like waterflow, working pressure and cutting angle must be monitored closely to ensure cutting efficiency and quality. Furthermore, special attention must be taken in safeguarding waterjet equipment to prevent damages or wastefulness.



Main uses and particle sizes of pink garnet sand:



16mesh ,24mesh,36mesh,46mesh,54mesh

waterjet sand, waterjet cutting


water treatment


Other uses

20-40mesh ,30-60mesh,60-80mesh,80-100mesh,100-120mesh



The main physical and chemical indicators of pink garnet sand:

















Specific gravity


Moh's hardness


Acid solubility



Thank you so much for visiting. Zhengzhou Jiasheng Garnet Sand is an abrasive that is used to cut water jets. Its primary characteristics are uniform particle size as well as high hardness. A uniform particle size indicates that the size of the abrasive particles is evenly distributed, without having dust and particles that are extremely fine that could block the waterjet's nozzle during the cutting process, which can affect the efficiency of cutting. The high hardness signifies that the abrasive particles are of the highest degree of hardness, and can endure the high pressure and the high flow rate created by cutting with waterjets, and aren't easy to wear out, which is a guarantee of cutting efficiency and quality. Additionally, JS garnet sand is also chemically stable and is not susceptible to reactions with chemicals, thus ensuring the stability and safety of the cutting process using waterjets. If you'd like to know more regarding Jiasheng pink garnet sand and other products, feel free to get in touch with us.