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Garnet Sand

Garnet sand nature’s most highly efficient, effective and safe abrasive for both wet and dry blasting applications
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Garnet sand introduction:

Garnet Sand derived from mined Almandite and Andradite mineral deposits, is a semi-precious stone. Once extracted, it is processed and then screened to the desired grade. The combination of the high density and physical properties make Garnet nature’s most highly efficient, effective and safe abrasive for both wet and dry blasting applications.

Garnet sand products features:

The company strictly controls the processing, production and each step of transportation to ensure high-quality garnet sand filter media products.
The company has a professional laboratory and testing staff to ensure excellent product quality and stability.

1). angular sharp, efficient
2). economical abrasive
3). pollution-free production process
4). high purity,low impurity, multiple gravity separation and magnetic separation
5). Poisonless and tasteless without radioactivity
6). environmental health, free of free silicon


Garnet sand main application:

1)Sand blasting
Garnet abrasive’s hardness is moderate and have high bulk density. It have free silica and good toughness .It is the ideal "environmentally friendly" sand blasting materials

2) Free grinding
The Grinding grade garnet abrasive is applied to the picture tube, optical glass, monocrystalline silicon, lenses, watches and clocks, glass, crystal glass, jade and other fields of free grinding. It is widely used in domestic advanced abrasive materials.

3) Resin grinder
Garnet abrasive with the right color, good hardness, toughness, and be suitable for the type of particle cross-section and blade retention. It can be used as a substitute for 20%-30% filler corundum resin grinding tool.

4) Coated abrasives
Garnet abrasive are materials production of paper, gauze and other manufacturers of raw materials production

5) Functional filler
The garnet will be used mainly to automobile brake parts, special tires, special building products, etc., and can be used to the construction of the highway pavement, the runway, the wharf, the parking lot, the industrial floor, the sports field, etc.;

6)Filter media
Filter mediaIs a new application field of garnet, the underlying medium using granular garnet filtrating bed, can clean drinking water and waste water. It is a new type of filter material , especially suitable for non-ferrous metal processing, oil drilling mud weighting agent.For decoloring and impurities removal of medicine, food additive, chemical industry, beverage and so on. Moreover, powder activated carbon can used in water purification.


7)Water jet cutting
Based on garnet abrasive cutting medium, rely on high pressure water jet cutting in basic and apply in oil (gas) cutting pipe, steel etc. It is a new type, environmental protection, safe way to cut. 


Garnet sand packing and delivery:

 1. Big bag :1000kgs jumbo bag

2. Small bag:25kg/20kg PP bag

3. 25kg Kraft paper bag



Garnet sand manufacturer according to your requirements shipping :

1.20GP FCL :25-27TONS

2.40GP FCL: 25-28TONS

3.40HQ FCL:22 TONS or 28 TONS

The above quantity without pallet ,the goods will be sent within 7-15days after receiving your order.



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