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How is activated carbon used in waste water treatment?


Activated carbon is used to remove organic matter in sewage:

Activated carbon has a strong adsorption ability for solubility in water, which is effective for most organic pollutants in the water, such as: phenol and benzene compounds, oil, and many other artificial synthesis of organic matter. Some organic pollutants in the water are difficult to remove with biochemical or oxidation, but they are easily adsorbed by activated carbon.

The cost of activated carbon adsorption treatment is higher than other general treatment methods. Powder activated carbon is generally used for sewage treatment.Therefore, when the concentration of organic matter in water is high, other more economical methods should be adopted to reduce the content of organic matter to a certain extent. In the treatment of wastewater, the activated carbon adsorption process is usually placed behind the biochemical blowing process, called activated carbon three -level wastewater treatment, further reducing the content of organic matter in the wastewater, removing pollutants that are not easy to decompose by microorganisms, so that the water after activated carbon treatment is treated with activated carbon treatment. It can meet the requirements of the emission standards, or enable the processing water to return to the production process for reuse, to achieve the purpose of production water closed cycle.

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The ability of activated carbon absorption to have organic matter is very large. In the treatment of third -level wastewater, the COD adsorbed by the activated carbon can reach dozens of percent of its own quality. Added three -level wastewater treatment in the wastewater treatment plant can make the removal effect of the BOD of 95%. The activated carbon removes organic matter in the form of physical adsorption. The nature of adsorption before and after adsorption has not changed. If appropriate suction methods can be used, it can also recover valuable substances in water. If the powder activated carbon is put into the explosive equipment, the carbon powder and the microorganisms form a cohesion body, which can make the treatment effect exceed the general secondary biological treatment method, and the water quality is close to the third -level treatment.

In addition, it can also make activated carbon dirt dirt meticulous and strong, reduce the turbidity of water out of water, and increase the hydraulic load for secondary treatment. Powder -like charcoal can be added intermittently, which can improve the processing effect on the existing second -level processing plant without increasing investment in the third -level processing.