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What is activated carbon made from?


Raw materials of activated carbon:

Activated carbon is divided into coal and wood activated carbon from raw materials. The main raw materials of coal activated carbon are: lignite, anthracite, coking coal and petroleum, petroleum pitch coke, etc. The main raw materials of wood activated carbon are: high-quality coconut shell, nut shell, wood chips, etc. .

The raw materials for activated carbon production should be adequately batched in the storage room, and then the raw materials are transported to the rotary kiln through the conveyor for calcination (two-stage kiln) carbonization, and then activated by the activation system. The activated activated carbon is crushed by the crushing system, and the crushed activated carbon It is screened by screening equipment and packaged according to different particle sizes; if it is to be made into powdered activated carbon, it must go through a grinding process after crushing.

Activated carbon carbonization and activation:

The carbonization process of activated carbon raw materials is also an active process. Only activated carbides can be called truly qualified activated carbons, and only activated activated carbons have better adsorption effects. There are also many activation methods for activated carbon. Here, Heavy Industry Machinery introduces activated carbon activation methods that are economical, effective, practical and widely used: carbon dioxide and water vapor method for activated carbon activation.

What is activated carbon made from?(图1)

The carbonized activated carbon will enter the activation furnace, heat it up to 900 degrees at a certain rate, and at 900 degrees, it will be activated by introducing water vapor, and the water inlet rate is controlled to be 1.6ml/min, and then washed with 5% hydrochloric acid. Activated carbon is used to remove the impurity ions introduced in the process of raw material preparation and activation, and then repeatedly washed with distilled water until neutral, and then the activated carbon is dried at 120 degrees in a vacuum drying equipment.

The above is the main production process of activated carbon, and there will be differences in the production process of activated carbon of different shapes and materials. For example: powdered activated carbon, after activation and cooling, our quality inspection department will conduct random inspection of activated activated carbon particles. Therefore, the production process of granular activated carbon and columnar activated carbon is not exactly the same.

The following is the production process diagram of activated carbon:

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