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Anthracite filter media specification


Fixed carbon content of anthracite filter material:

Anthracite filters come with various fixed carbon contents depending on their raw material and production process, but generally have at least 70% fixed carbon. Adsorption capacity and filter efficiency depend upon this major constituent of anthracite filters.


Fixed carbon is the main carbon component in coal that remains after heating it to high temperatures under anaerobic conditions, providing stability during combustion. Anthracite filters with high fixed carbon concentration can effectively adsorb organic material, heavy metallic ions, and other pollutants found in water which enhances purification processes.


Fixed carbon content is an integral factor when selecting anthracite filters. Filter media with higher fixed carbon contents offer improved filtration and adsorption efficiencies and are suitable for situations requiring higher water quality levels, making these products suitable for high quality requirements. Therefore, we advise selecting products with higher fixed carbon contents to ensure the stability and quality of water treatment treatments.


Specific Gravity of Anthracite Filters: 


Anthracite media's specific gravity is determined by factors like its composition, density and structure. Anthracite filters typically feature specific gravities between 1.4g/cm3 and 1.8g/cm3, though this range should only be seen as an approximate estimate as their specific gravities can differ based on production process, raw material usage or processing methods used during processing.


Density (also referred to as specific gravity) measures mass per unit volume. It's usually expressed in grams/cubic centimeters (g/cm3). Anthracite filters tend to have higher specific gravities due to their greater density, making them heavier. This characteristic makes them ideal for applications requiring high fill rates as well as mechanical strength.


Filter media purchases must take into account more than just anthracite's specific gravity when selecting filter media products; other aspects to keep in mind when making purchases include adsorption, filtration, pore size etc. To ensure that products purchased can meet all application-specific needs.


Price of anthracite filter material:


The price of anthracite filter media may vary depending on specifications and quality levels. Generally speaking, the price of high-quality anthracite filter media is relatively high, while the price of low-quality products is lower.

The price of anthracite filter material will also be affected by market supply and demand, raw material prices, production costs, transportation costs, sales channels and other factors.

In the market, the price of anthracite filter materials is usually priced per ton or per kilogram.