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Powdered activated carbon is an effective material that can be used to remove COD


Powdered activated charcoal is an effective material for removing chemical oxygen demand (COD) from water, such as COD (Chemical oxygen demand). Below are general instructions for using powdered active carbon to filter COD-contaminated waters:


Choose an Active Carbon Powder: When selecting powdered active carbon for COD removal or water quality improvement needs, its pore structure and absorption properties must be considered when choosing an appropriate activated charcoal type.


Before passing water onto an activated powder carbon bed, it's often necessary to pretreat its source to remove impurities and particulates that might clog its pipeline. Sedimentation, filtration or other pretreatment techniques may be employed to do this successfully.


Prepare the Powdered Activated Carbon Bed: Fill a reactor or bed according to the size of water being treated, with either fixed or flowing beds depending on its flow rate and amount being processed.


Water Source: To properly treat any source of water, it must first pass through a bed of activated carbon powder and be processed through it to absorb any organic matter, COD or excess water as it travels through it. This allows organic matter, COD or excess water that passes through to be captured by its microporous surfaces that absorb it as the bed absorbs it all.


Time and Contact: Organic materials need time to interact with activated powdered carbon to break them down, so ensure water remains in the bed for an adequate duration in order to effectively remove COD.


Monitor and Control: Take water samples regularly to measure COD removal effectiveness, then modify treatment time or carbon content of bed as needed in order to maximize COD removal.


Replace or Regenerate Activated Charcoal: Over time, powdered activated carbon becomes saturated and must either be replaced or regenerated. Regeneration involves subjecting activated carbon to high temperatures in order to remove organic matter that has accumulated on it; if regeneration no longer works then new activated charcoal must be purchased and installed into use.


Final Treatment: Once treated water has been treated and processed to meet discharge or re-use standards and requirements, additional processing may be necessary in order to comply with them.


These guidelines are just guides; the actual process for COD removal may differ depending on water quality, bed type and processing conditions. Therefore, during implementation it is crucial that adjustments and optimization be made according to individual circumstances.


Jiasheng coal-based powdered active carbon is a material designed to treat both water and wastewater, boasting unique properties which make it an exceptional adsorbent, purifier and remover of harmful substances. Some key characteristics of this type of active carbon include:


Jiasheng coal powdered activated charcoal boasts exceptional adsorption capabilities that enable it to effectively remove organic material, dissolved gases and heavy metal ions from water sources that contain various harmful contaminants. Therefore, this charcoal product makes an excellent solution for water sources with multiple harmful substances present.


Jiasheng coal powdered activated charcoal is distinguished by a porous structure featuring micropores, macropores and mesopores - thus increasing adsorption area and performance.


Chemical Stability: This activated charcoal has excellent chemical stability and maintains high adsorption efficiency under varied water quality conditions, remaining unaffected by sudden fluctuations in quality.


Jiasheng powdered activated coal is specifically prepared to have low residue and ash contents, helping reduce risks of secondary pollution during wastewater treatment processes.


Reusability: Reusing activated charcoal helps extend its life span, reduce waste production, and cut costs. Regeneration usually requires high-temperature pyrolysis in order to remove organic matter that has been adsorbed onto it.


Jiasheng coal powdered activated charcoal is widely utilized across industries for wastewater and sewage treatment applications. Due to its versatility, this material has also become very popular.


Environmental protection: When producing activated carbon, preparation takes place in an eco-friendly way which helps minimize adverse environmental impacts.


Jiasheng coal-based activated carbon powder stands out due to its porous structure, chemical resistance and wide variety of uses. It's an effective material for water purification, wastewater treatment and environmental protection.