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What are the different types of filter media?


Filter media for water purification equipment:

Our company produces various types of water purification equipment and sewage treatment equipment, which is simply a water purification equipment. And water purification equipment is widely used by us: drinking, chemical, medical, breeding, planting, food, beverage and so on. The following will give you a brief introduction: various filter materials used in water purification equipment.

In the filtration technology, the composition of the filter material and the filter media layer is the key to determine the performance of the filter equipment. They determine the quality of the filtered water and the basic performance of the filter equipment.

Water treatment equipment needs to use filters, and filters need to use filter media. The filter materials are generally divided into: quartz sand, anthracite, nut shell filter materials, garnet sand and other common filter materials. Let us introduce the function of filter material in water treatment equipment.

Main filter media introduction and characteristics:

Quartz sand filter material is a common filter material for water treatment equipment. It is made of natural quartz ore by crushing, screening and washing. It has a polygonal shape, pure white color, no impurities, a density of 2.66, a silicon content of 99.3%, and a mechanical strength of 7.5 degrees. In some areas, natural river sand and sea sand are used as filter materials. Although the cost is low, the service life is short, the mechanical strength is poor, and it is easy to break. The service life of quartz sand is 3-4 times longer than that of natural sand. And the water quality after filtration is stable. From the perspective of economic benefits, the quartz sand is much cheaper than river sand and sea sand.

The anthracite filter material is made of Shanxi or Ningxia high-quality anthracite coal, so it is also called coal filter material and carbon filter material .which is first selected, crushed, and then screened twice. It has the characteristics of good appearance and gloss, spherical shape, high mechanical strength, good compression resistance, and stable chemical properties. Does not contain toxic substances, wear-resistant, insoluble in acidic, neutral and alkaline water, in addition, the surface of anthracite particles is rough, with good adsorption capacity, large porosity (>50%), and high contamination capacity , Because of its light weight, the required backwashing intensity is low, which can save a lot of backwashing water and electricity.

Nutshell filter media is made of pecan shells, which are processed by crushing, cyclone, polishing, steam washing, screening, etc. The appearance is shiny and brown. This filter material has high toughness, wear resistance, compression resistance, strong adsorption capacity, oil resistance, no caking, no decay, and is a wide choice for oilfield, smelting, environmental protection and chemical industries. The oil-containing nut shell filter material is made of thick pecan shell, and the particle surface is yellowish brown, without rot, no spots, high toughness and wear resistance.

Garnet sand filter material is processed from natural silicate mineral garnet with stable chemical properties. It has high melting point, large specific gravity, high hardness, strong acid resistance and wear resistance, and good chemical stability. It is a new type of wear-resistant water purification material. 

Garnet has good strength, strong friction resistance, no free silica, high density, no organic matter, and can be used as a sand-type filter material, with anthracite on the top, quartz sand in the middle, and garnet on the bottom. Used in industrial filtration systems and swimming pools to eliminate pollution and purify water.