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Liquid aluminum sulfate, aluminum sulfate


Liquid aluminum sulfate, aluminum sulfate.

  1.  Product Introduction

Aluminum sulfate, a high-molecular composite polymer, has a large molecular size, a strong adsorption capability, and purification properties comparable to traditional inorganic purifiers. The floc that forms after adding raw waters is large and has a fast sedimentation rate, good activity, and good filterability. It is highly adaptable to different raw waters, and it has a minimal impact on pH values of water. Its purification effect is independent of the turbidity and concentration of wastewater pollutants in the raw water. Less dosage is less corrosive for equipment and pipes, easier to use, smaller dosage and lower purification costs.

2. Product Features

1. Aluminum sulfate can be used to purify water and in textile printing and dyeing. Aluminum sulfate is used in water purification to condense impurities, making them easier for the filter and precipitation.

2. Colloidal precipitation, Al(OH), is formed when aluminum hydroxide (Al(OH)3) is dissolved in large amounts of neutral or slightly acidic water. Aluminum hydroxide colloids are used to make dyes adhere better to fabric fibers when printing or dyeing.

3. Application Scope

1. Purify drinking drinking water and ensure that the water meets prescribed standards.

2. The water quality index can be used to reach first-level discharge standards after treatment.

3. Purify wastewater from industries such as papermaking, printing, dyeing, and others, using small doses and good decolorization effects. The treated water can then be reused.

4. Purify and disinfect wastewater and domestic sewage that contains lead, chromium cadmium sulfide etc. and ensure the treated water meets the discharge standards.

5. The purification efficiency of this device is good. It can be used to purify raw water containing fluorine, oily wastewaters, oil field reinjection waters, oil-water separation at kerosene factories, etc.

The liquid and solid forms of aluminum sulfate are packaged and stored differently. The majority of the solid products are stored in woven bags in a cool, dry and ventilated place. They should also be kept away from alkalis, oxidants and reducing agents. What about the liquid aluminum sulfate it produces?

The liquid aluminum sulfate shares the same chemical properties of its solid counterpart, and must therefore comply with all storage requirements. This includes not mixing it with other chemicals. The following requirements apply:

1. Ship your goods in materials that are resistant to corrosion, such as stainless steel tanks or containers and polyethylene barrels. Do not overload the container when packaging.

2. Acidic liquid aluminum sulfate. The tools, pipes, and reaction tanks that are used for operation must have an anti-corrosion property.

3. Store or transport the product separately from other chemicals.

4. Liquid aluminum sulfate does not contain any dust, but it is important to wear gloves.

5. Handle with caution when handling.

6. Store it away from heat, fire and oxidants.

7. It is important to equip the storage area with materials that will contain any leaks.

Use and storage of liquid aluminium sulfate

It is important to pay more attention to the storage of liquid aluminium sulfate in order to preserve its effects. Liquid Aluminum Sulfate is used primarily in the paper industry, food industry and water treatment.

In the printing and dyeing industry, it is used to prevent bleeding and as a mordant. It is also used in the petroleum industry as a deodorizing and decolorizing agent. It is used to deodorize and colorize oil, wood, and textiles. In medicine, it acts as an astringent.