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    5-15mm aluminum sulfate for water treatment

    What‘s the purpose of aluminum sulfate water purification?Aluminium Sulfate (AL2(SO4)3) is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula AL2(SO4)3. This salt compound combines aluminum ions (Al3+) with sulfate ions (SO42-). Aluminum Sulfate forms white crystalline solids which exhibit strong m
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    What's the purpose of aluminum sulfate water purification?

    Aluminium Sulfate (AL2(SO4)3) is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula AL2(SO4)3. This salt compound combines aluminum ions (Al3+) with sulfate ions (SO42-). Aluminum Sulfate forms white crystalline solids which exhibit strong moisture-retaining qualities, making this compound extremely hygroscopic.


    Aluminum sulfate's use in drinking water treatment has been extensively researched and implemented. Aluminum sulfate plays an essential role in water purification; it is widely utilized for suspension matter removal, turbidity reduction and improving purification effect of quality drinking water supplies.


    Aluminum sulfate reacts with suspended matter and turbidity in water to form precipitates that settle out over time, and then can be filtered or treated to produce clear and transparent water.


    Water purification processes utilizing aluminum sulfate typically use dissolving aluminum sulfate in water to produce aluminum sulfate solution and adding it to treated and untreated waters for treatment and mixing by agitation. Aluminum ions present in this solution react with suspended matter, turbidity and organic materials in water to produce precipitate or insoluble matter, leading to purification.


    Note that aluminum sulfate should only be used in water purification when necessary for specific water quality conditions and treatment needs, while exercising adequate control over the amount and timing of treatment time. Excessive aluminum sulfate use could result in excessive residual aluminum ions being left behind, which poses potential threats to both environmental and human health. Therefore, when using aluminum sulfate as water purification solution we must adhere to relevant water treatment standards and norms in order to maximize treatment effectivity and ensure its safety.

    Aluminum sulfate is a widely-used water purifying agent. The utility model can remove suspended material, turbidity matter and organic materials found in water sources to improve purification effects and quality. When applying aluminum sulfate water purification measures it is necessary to carefully consider dosage amounts as per applicable treatment standards and norms to ensure effective and safe results.

    The chemical indicators of aluminum sulfate are as follows:

    Chemical formula: Al2(SO4)3

    Molecular weight: 342.15 g/mol

    Appearance: White crystalline solid

    Solubility: soluble in water

    pH value: Aluminum sulfate solution is acidic, with a pH value usually between 2-3

    Aluminum content: generally 13-17%

    Sulfuric acid content: generally 45-50%

    Density: The density of aluminum sulfate is approximately 2.672 g/cm³

    It should be noted that the aluminum sulfate produced by different manufacturers may be slightly different, and the specific chemical indicators may be different. When using aluminum sulfate, appropriate products should be selected based on specific application requirements and used in compliance with relevant standards and specifications.

    5-15 mm Aluminum sulfate is used for water purification(图1)

    Characteristics of water purification material aluminum sulfate:

    Aluminum Sulfate (Al2(SO4)3) is an often-utilized water treatment chemical, typically employed for both drinking water and wastewater treatments. For drinking water treatments, aluminum sulfate typically plays an essential role. Here is its primary use in drinking water:

    1. Flocculant: Aluminum sulfate can be used as a flocculant to aggregate suspended particles in water into larger ones that are easier to filter out - creating clearer water quality overall and helping improve its quality.

    2. Aluminum Sulfate as Precipitant: Aluminum sulfate can bind with heavy metal ions (such as lead or mercury ) present in water to form insoluble precipitates that reduce their content, thus decreasing water pollution levels.

    3. Aluminum Sulfate as a pH Adjuster: Aluminum sulfate can be used to adjust the pH value in water in order to keep it within an ideal range, which can be crucial in certain reverse osmosis systems where pH regulation is an essential part of treatment.

    4. Elimination of disinfection by-product precursors: Aluminum sulfate can react with certain disinfection by-product precursors in water (e.g. chloroform and carbon tetrachloride) to lower their presence and thus lessen any harm they pose to health.

    Aluminum sulfate is widely used to treat drinking water supplies, yet its usage should be strictly managed in order to prevent adverse effects on human health and environmental protection measures must also be implemented when employing this chemical.


    Aluminum Sulfate (AlSO3) is a popular water purifying agent, and boasts the following properties in water purification:

    Aluminum Sulfate Has an Effective Purifying Action: Aluminum sulfate can chemically react with suspended matter, turbid matter, organic matter and impurities in water to form precipitates or insoluble matter - effectively purifying it and making turbid water clearer and transparent while simultaneously performing chemical reactions that make organic material insoluble for eventual removal from the system. Likewise, complex chemical reactions between aluminum sulfate and organic material in water take place, leading to insoluble organic particles being removed from circulation through precipitates or insoluble matter formation - effective purifying all types of contaminants found therein.


    Rapid Precipitation: Aluminum sulfate's ability to rapidly react with impurities in water to form precipitate increases efficiency of purification process while speeding up purification speed.


    Aluminum Sulfate Has an Excellent Purifying Effect: Aluminum sulfate has an outstanding purification effect against various kinds of suspended matter and organic materials, including particulate matter, sediment, algae, bacteria etc. It can be widely applied for purifying various water sources like tap water, groundwater or river water purification processes.


    Aluminum Sulfate Displays Excellent Adaptability: Aluminum sulfate displays exceptional adaptability under various water quality conditions, adapting easily to bodies of various hardness, pH value and temperature while offering stability and applicability benefits.


    Easy Operation: Aluminum sulfate can be utilized easily and conveniently, as its use does not necessitate complex equipment or operating techniques. Simply dissolve in water until dissolved to form an aluminum sulfate solution before adding to treated water to be mixed for mixing purposes. The operation process should not present any difficulties for users.


    Note that when using aluminum sulfate for water purification, its dosage and treatment time must be tailored specifically to each water quality and treatment need, with relevant standards and specifications met to ensure effective purification and safety.

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