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Desulphurization column activated carbon pellet 4mm for remove hydrogen sulfide

JS desulphurization column activated carbon pellet 4.0mm for remove hydrogen sulfideJS desulfurization activated carbon performance characteristicsJS desulphurization column activated carbon all uses the high quality wood carbon powder as the raw material, adds the certain amount of binder, the cata
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JS desulphurization column activated carbon pellet 4.0mm for remove hydrogen sulfide

JS desulfurization activated carbon performance characteristics

JS desulphurization column activated carbon all uses the high quality wood carbon powder as the raw material, adds the certain amount of binder, the catalyst, after the fine selection, the extrusion molding, the drying, the carbonization, the high temperature activation becomes, the product has large porosity, good mechanical strength, high activity, sulfur capacity, gas resistance is small, easy to regenerate, in high temperature, high pressure under the role of not easily broken, can also remove harmful substances in the liquid and other characteristics.

JS desulfurization activated carbon image:

Desulphurization column activated carbon pellet 4mm for remove hydrogen sulfide(图1)

JS desulphurization activated carbon use

Mainly used in all kinds of water gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, natural gas, flue gas, chemical production intermediate raw gas and other sulfide purification, but also can be used for sewage treatment, especially when the amount of oxygen in each gas source matches reasonably, it has unique high efficiency and high precision purification effect to H2S (hydrogen sulfide) , it has long service life, good effect, strong stability, almost no power consumption, no secondary pollution, can be reused, low purification cost, low sulfur content and ideal gas source.

The inspection methods were carried out in accordance with GB 7701.1-7-2008 and GB 7702.1.14-2008.

Desulphurization column activated carbon pellet 4mm for remove hydrogen sulfide(图2)

JS desulfurization activated carbon main physical and chemical parameters:







Φ3.0-4.5× L5-20

Φ3.0-4.0× L5-20

Φ3.0-4.0× L5-20

Special requirements can be processed separately

Sulfur content(mg/g)












Bulk density(g/L)




Dissolved in water(%)




JS desulphurization activated carbon working principle

Activated carbon plays a catalytic and adsorptive role in gas phase removal of H2S. Firstly, the H2O (vapor) and oxygen in the gas are adsorbed to form an oxygen-containing water film on the surface of the activated carbon:


The water generated from the reaction is carried away along the gas stream, and the sulfur formed is adsorbed by the activated carbon, thus achieving the effect of removing H2S.

JS desulphurization activated carbon use requirements:

  • Airspeed: 400-800h-city gas application is ≤100h

  • Temperature: 27 ~ 82 ° C (optimum 32 ~ 52 ° C) 

  • The ratio of oxygen and sulfide content: more than 2.5

  • Relative humidity: ≥70% (liquid water is forbidden to enter activated carbon bed) 

  • Pressure: atmospheric pressure ~ 8 mpa

  • linear velocity: ≥0.5% . 1M/s city gas should be 0.01-0.05 m/s

  • Effective desulfurization bed height-diameter ratio: ≥2

JS desulphurization activated carbon loading and use method

  • Air tightness test and pressure test shall be carried out before filling.

  • Use 12-14 mesh stainless steel wire mesh laid on the grate plate 1-2 layers.

  • Prior to filling, sift to remove dust from storage and handling.

  • During the filling process, it is forbidden to pour directly from the fixed position, and the charging device is used to disperse the activated carbon. Or fill the vertical height of not more than 1 meter, people into the tower of activated carbon spread. In order to avoid uneven filling, resulting in gas flow, affect the use of the effect.

  • When filling, it is forbidden to pedal the Desulphurization pellet activated carbon 4.0mm , apply the wooden board to pad on the material layer, and then enter the tower to pick material and check the filling situation.

  • After filling, the surface is scraped flat with a wooden board, then laid a layer of wire mesh, with a grate board, or fireball, or coke pressure on the top. It is forbidden to fix on the tower wall when using the grate plate.

  • After filling, use raw material gas to purge and replace, step up pressure after meeting the requirements, pressure and system balance, all open the inlet and outlet valves, close the secondary valve, and into the system operation.

JS desulphurization activated carbon when using matters needing attention

  • The steam-water separator should be installed in front of the desulfurization tower. The upper part of the tower should be equipped with a vent valve, and the bottom should be equipped with a shower valve.

  • Users due to large environmental temperature difference, cold areas should be desulphurization tower insulation.

  • Oxygen content can not meet the requirements, should choose the appropriate air compressor for oxygen supplement.

  • When multi-tower is used, the gas flow direction should be considered, and the optimum design should be series, parallel, front and back, so as to improve the utilization ratio of activated carbon.

  • Activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity for tar-like substances, such as tar-like substances in the gas, should be added to remove tar device.

  • Transportation, storage and use process, to absolutely prevent flooding, so as not to affect the use of the effect and loss of function.

  • Storage: should be stored in a cool and dry place, to prevent direct contact between inside and outside bags, adsorption of other substances, reduce the ability of adsorption and desulphurization effect.

  • Transportation: pay attention to prevent mixed with hard goods, a lot of vibration friction, to reduce the carbon particles broken, affect the use.

JS desulphurization activated carbon manufacturer packaging and delivery

Product Packing and Delivery:

Big bag :500kg/600kg jumbo bag

Small bag:25kg/20kg PP bag

25kg Kraft paper bag

According to your requirements

Shipping :

1.20GP FCL :10-16TONS

2.40GP FCL: 20-26TONS

3.40HQ FCL:22 TONS or 26 TONS

The above quantity without pallet ,the goods will be sent within 7-15days after receiving your order.


Desulphurization column activated carbon pellet 4mm for remove hydrogen sulfide(图3)

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