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    Aluminium Sulfate Powder

    What is aluminium sulfate Al2(So4)3?Aluminium sulfate chemical formula AL2(SO4)3, is a inorganic compound. Polyaluminum sulfate is a composite polymer with large molecular structure and strong adsorption capacity. Its water purification effect is better than that of all traditional organic water pur
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      What is aluminium sulfate Al2(So4)3?

    Aluminium sulfate, chemical formula AL2(SO4)3, is a inorganic compound. Polyaluminum sulfate is a composite polymer with large molecular structure and strong adsorption capacity. Its water purification effect is better than that of all traditional organic water purifiers. The flocculant formed after being put into raw water has the advantages of large volume, fast settling speed, high activity and good filtration. Strong adaptability to various raw water, (PH 4-11) to water. No matter the turbidity of raw water or the concentration of waste water pollutants, the purification effect is remarkable and the dosage is small: the corrosion of equipment and pipeline is small, the operation is convenient, the dosage is small and the purification cost is low. It is mainly used for domestic drinking water, industrial water supply, oil field reinjection water, circulating cooling water and all kinds of sewage (such as urban domestic sewage, oily sewage, printing and dyeing sewage, papermaking sewage, steel plant sewage decolorization, etc.) treatment

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      Physical and chemical index of aluminium sulfate:

    Powder size

    60mesh,40mesh ,20mesh ,10mesh

    Granular size


    Large particles


















    Water insoluble


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      Zhengzhou Jiasheng aluminum sulfate production process:

    Aluminum sulfate plant is mainly used for the production of aluminum sulfate, and is usually based on aluminum ore extraction and processing process.

    Bauxite treatment: first of all, bauxite (such as Thai bauxite, bauxite, etc.) will be broken into small particles by the crusher.

    Acid leaching: the crushing of aluminum ore and dilute sulfuric acid mixed, and reaction. This process extracts aluminum by dissolving the aluminum content of the aluminum ore.

    Filtrate separation: the slurry after the reaction through the filtrate system for solid-liquid separation. The solid residue contains undissolved impurities, while the filtrate is rich in aluminum ions.

    Crystallization: the aluminum ions in the filtrate are further concentrated and crystallized. This process usually involves two steps of heating and cooling, which eventually results in the formation of a crystalline solid of aluminum sulfate.

    Filtration and drying: aluminum sulfate crystals are filtered and washed to remove impurities and converted into solid powders or particles by a drying device.

    Packaging and storage: finally, the aluminum sulfate product is packaged and stored in a suitable manner for transport to the customer or user. 

    It should be noted that different aluminium sulphate plants may vary in detail and may vary in specific processes and equipment.

      How to apply aluminium sulfate?

    The use of aluminum sulfate and dosage ratio: 

    1, according to the use of solid chemicals, diluted by 5-15 times. 

    2. The best dosage can be determined according to the different turbidity of raw water. The dosage of this product can be 10-20 kg/1000 ton for general turbid water (turbidity 100-500 mg/L) , and the dosage of high turbidity industrial sewage of non-potable water can be suitable

    Polyaluminium sulphate does not dissolve in pure sulfuric acid, but coexists with it in water in a sulfuric acid solution, so the solubility of polyaluminium sulphate in sulfuric acid is the solubility of aluminium sulphate in water is 31.2 g at 0 ° C, 33.5 G at 10 ° C, 36.4 G at 20 ° C, 40.4 G at 30 ° C, 30.4 G at 10 ° C, 30.5 G at 10 ° C, 30.5 G at 10 ° C, 30.4 G at 10 ° C, 30.4 G at 10 ° C, 30.5 G at 10 ° C, 30.5 G AT 45.7 G at 40 ° C; 52.2 G at 50 ° C; 59.2 G at 60 ° C; 66.2 G at 70 ° C; 73.1 G at 80 ° C; 86.8 G at 90 ° C; 89 G at 100 ° C. Polyaluminium sulfate is a widely used industrial reagent, often confused with alum. Polyaluminium sulfate is commonly used as a flocculant in the purification of drinking water and sewage treatment plants, as well as in the paper industry. In its natural state, polyaluminium sulfate hardly exists in the form of anhydrous salts. It forms a series of hydrates.

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      Main features of aluminium sulfate:

    Chemical property stability: aluminium sulfate is a inorganic compound with high chemical stability. It is not easy to decompose or react at room temperature and can remain stable in a wide range of environments.

    Extremely acidic: aluminum sulfate is a strong acid, with a very strong corrosive. It can react with alkalis and produce heat, so it needs to be handled and used with care.

    Highly soluble: it is a white crystalline solid, aluminum sulfate in water very easy to dissolve, the formation of acidic solution. This makes aluminum sulfate become a common water treatment agent, can effectively purify and clarify the water quality.

    Good coagulation and precipitation effect: aluminum sulfate can be used for drinking water and sewage purification and clarification. In water treatment, aluminum sulfate can combine with suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, impurities, and organic matter in the water to form precipitates and separate them from the water. It neutralizes the alkalinity of the water, making it clear and transparent. This makes aluminum sulfate become an excellent coagulant and flocculant.

      What is Aluminium sulphate used for?

      Main uses of aluminium sulfate in various industries:

    Water Treatment Market: What does Aluminium sulfate do to water? with the global water conservation and water quality requirements, aluminum sulfate as an excellent water treatment flocculant, can effectively purify and clarify water quality, remove pollutants and turbidity. As a result, there is a large and growing demand for aluminum sulfate in the water treatment market.

    Wastewater treatment market: filter material ,used in wastewater treatment as a coagulant, with good decolorization ability, together with iron(2+) sulfate (anhydrous) also has removal of heavy metal ions, oil, phosphorus, sterilization and other functions. Especially, the decolorization and removal of COD in printing and dyeing wastewater and the co-precipitation of ferrite in electroplating wastewater are obvious. As a precipitator, it can form precipitates with sulphides, iron(2+) sulfate (anhydrous) , phosphates, etc. , thereby removing sulphides, phosphates, etc. . Used as a deodorant and decolorizer in petroleum industry.

    Paper production market: aluminum sulfate is widely used in the paper production process of the coagulant, can improve the strength and hardness of paper. With the continuous growth of paper demand, aluminum sulfate in the paper production market has good prospects.

    Building materials market: aluminum sulfate can be used to prepare some building materials, such as cement and mortar. These materials are widely used in construction and infrastructure construction, so the demand for aluminum sulfate also increased.

    Chemical industry market: as an important chemical, aluminum sulfate is also widely used in the chemical industry. It can be used in the production of other aluminium compounds such as Aluminum hydroxide, aluminium powder, etc. . It can also be used in the production of dyes, pharmaceuticals and preservatives. Used in the pharmaceutical industry as an astringent, also used as a waterproof agent.

      Packaging of aluminium sulfate powder:

    Packaging: PP/PE 50kg/bag;25kg/bag;Jumbo bag or according to customers' requirements.

    25-27MT will be loaded in per 20'FCL container.

    Attention and Storage:

    The product is liable to absorb moisture and clot due to long-term exposure, so shady, cool and ventilated environment is needed.

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    Zhengzhou Jiasheng Water Purification Materials Co. , Ltd. is a company specializing in the development, production and sales of water purification materials, the main products include aluminum sulfate, activated carbon, and other water purification materials. These products are widely used in water treatment, paper, textiles, leather, dyes, pharmaceuticals and metallurgy and other industries.

    Aluminum sulfate equipment: reactor, filtration equipment, drying equipment and packaging equipment. These equipments ensure the high efficient production and qualified product quality of aluminum sulfate. With a large production capacity of aluminum sulfate, to meet market demand. We should pay attention to the quality control of products, and ensure the production of aluminum sulfate according to the standard through strict selection of raw materials, production process control and product testing. To meet the needs of various industries.

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