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CAS NO:7782-63-0 FeSO4·7H2O Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate Blue Crystal

Ferrous sulfate FeSO4·7H2OCAS NO:7782-63-0 FeSO4·7H2O Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate Blue CrystalAlias:                                      alum, Green alum, Ferrous sulfateRelative molecular weight: 
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Ferrous sulfate FeSO4·7H2O

CAS NO:7782-63-0 FeSO4·7H2O Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate Blue Crystal

Alias:                                      alum, Green alum, Ferrous sulfate

Relative molecular weight:    278.01 

Character:                              Light blue-green Crystal. 

The relative density is 1.897, the melting point is 64 ° C. It weathers easily in dry air. 56.6 ° C becomes tetrahydrate salt. In the wet air easy oxidation into basic high iron sulphate and become yellow. Soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol. The aqueous solution oxidizes easily. Product standard number: GB/T 664-2001


Specification: content and maximum content of impurities in% 

Detection itemsanalytical purity,chemical purity



Water insoluble



Chloride (Cl) 



Total nitrogen (N) 


Phosphate (Po4) 



Arsenic (As) 



Manganese (MN) 


High iron (Fe) 



Copper (Cu) 



Zinc (Zn) 



Lead (PB) 



Ammonia water non-precipitates (As sulfate) 



Used as an analytical reagent.  polymerization catalyst, also used for plate making, medium preparation

Ferrous sulfate FeSO4·7H2O photos:

CAS NO:7782-63-0 FeSO4·7H2O Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate Blue Crystal(图1)

Ferrous sulfate use:

For the production of high-end lithium battery cathode materials: iron phosphate raw materials,Water Purifier,

Used as analytical reagent, analysis and determination of platinum, selenium, nitrate, nitrite, etc. 

It is also used for plate-making, ferrite raw material, iron-strengthening agent and fruit and vegetable colorant, etc. .

Used in agriculture as a pesticide and waste, it can control wheat smut, apple and pear scab, and fruit tree rot. It is also a micronutrient fertilizer. It can speed up the green-back of rice, sugar beets and other crops, and regulate soil PH, iron plants and remove moss and lichen from tree trunks.

Raw materials for the manufacture of magnetic iron oxide, iron oxide red and iron blue inorganic pigments, iron catalysts and high-end polymeric ferric sulfate.

Used medicinally as a local astringent and blood tonic.

Food grade is used as a dietary supplement, such as an iron booster, a fruit and vegetable colorant, and feed grade iron(2+) sulfate (anhydrous) is used as an iron supplement in feed processing.

Ferrous sulfate FeSO4·7H2O Packing and Delivery:

1. Big bag :1000kg jumbo bag

2. Small bag:50kg PP bag

3. 25kg Kraft paper bag

4. According to your requirements Shipping :

1.20GP FCL :25TONS

2.40GP FCL: 25-26TONS

3.40HQ FCL:25 TONS or 28 TONS

CAS NO:7782-63-0 FeSO4·7H2O Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate Blue Crystal(图2)

CAS NO:7782-63-0 FeSO4·7H2O Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate Blue Crystal(图3)

The above quantity without pallet ,the goods will be sent within 7-15days after receiving your order.


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