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Ferric sulfate heptahydrate

liquid Polymerization ferric sulfate purifying living wastewater effects Poly ferric sulfate is a new type of inorganic polymer flocculant, which is widely used in the concrete purification treatment of various industrial sewage. Purification mechanism:1.Inorganic removal me
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liquid Polymerization ferric sulfate purifying living wastewater effects


Poly ferric sulfate is a new type of inorganic polymer flocculant, which is widely used in the concrete purification treatment of various industrial sewage.


Ferric sulfate heptahydrate(图1)

Purification mechanism:

1.Inorganic removal mechanism is large and easy to precipitate, but 40-50 inorganic colloids can be removed. It can be sinking with a good activity method with a good activity method, which is separated from water. Some inorganic, particles do not exist independently, forming suspension and colloids with organic matter, attached to the biogas bubbles to rise, generating bubbles, then organic holding the degradation, leaving the bubbles and sinking, and eventually removed by mud.


2. Removal mechanism of parasitic eggs and germs: Organic substances can produce free ammonia through biological fermentation, ammonia can penetrate eggs and cell membranes, and has the effect of killing eggs and sterilization. Secondly, anaerobic environment also makes the disease of oxygen cannot grow, some reduce or lose their pathogenic ability, and some die soon. Practice shows that in the biogas pool 50%, among the bug eggs, more than 40%of the sinking pool bottom? Less than 10%of the fermentation liquid, more than 95%of the output removal rate, and the value of E. coli from 10-7 to 10-3 Essence


3. Sewage anaerobic and digestive mechanism



The following three stages of Polymerization ferric sulfate reaction process:


I. Hydrolysis stage: Under the action of hydrolysis and fermentation bacteria, large molecular substances such as carbohydrates, protein and fat hydrolysis and fermentation are converted into small molecular substances such as monosaccharides, amino acids, fatty acids, glycerin and carbon dioxide. substance.



2.acidification phase: Under the action of hydrogen -produced acetate bacteria, the product of the first stage is converted into hydrogen, carbon dioxide and acetic acid.



3. methane attachment: By the role of two groups of physiological alkal bacteria, the mixing and hydrogen and carbon dioxide into methane are converted into methane.



The application and advantages of liquid polymerization ferric sulfate:


1.High -efficiency: Polyte sulfate is a composite polymer polymer. The molecular structure is huge, the adsorption ability is strong, and the water purification effect is better than all traditional inorganic water purifiers;


2. Fast: the flocculant form formed after investing in raw water, fast precipitation speed, high activity, good filtering;


3. Strong adaptability: strong adaptability to various raw water, and the pH value of water is extremely small (pH value 4-11). Regardless of the turbidity of raw water, the concentration of wastewater pollutants, its purification effect is significant;


4. Little dosage: small corrosive corrosion of equipment and pipelines, convenient operations, small pills, low purification costs, processing costs can save 20%-50%.


5. Wonderful water purification effects, good water quality, harmful substances such as aluminum, chlorine and heavy metal ions, and no water phase transfer without iron ions, non -toxic, harmless, safe and reliable;


6. Removal, decolorization, dehydration, sterilization, deodorization, algae removal, algae removal, removal of COD, BOD, and heavy metal ions are significant;

7. The purification effect of micro -pollution, algae, low temperature and low turbidity raw water is significant, and the purification effect of high turbidity raw water is especially good;


 Ferric sulfate heptahydrate(图2)

Index of liquid Polymerization ferric sulfate :




Density (g/cm3,20℃)≥




Reducing substance Fe2+ %≤


Salt %


Water insoluble content%≤





Poly ferric sulfate packing and delivery:


1. 25kg/25L per plastic barrel

 Ferric sulfate heptahydrate(图3)


Poly ferric sulfate manufacturer according to your requirements shipping :

1.20GP FCL :25TONS

2.40GP FCL: 25-26TONS

3.40HQ FCL:25 TONS or 28 TONS

The above quantity without pallet ,the goods will be sent within 7-15days after receiving your order.


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