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What is anthracite water filter media?Anthracite Water Filter MediaAnthracite filter media are particularly selected from deep well minerals. Anthracite is a mineral name. It is a kind of coal with the highest degree of charcoal, hard, black, and metallic luster. Has the highest perce
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What is anthracite water filter media?

Anthracite Water Filter Media

Anthracite filter media are particularly selected from deep well minerals. Anthracite is a mineral name. It is a kind of coal with the highest degree of charcoal, hard, black, and metallic luster. Has the highest percentage of carbon content. The water filter material is artificially classified, which can reduce the content of irrelevant minerals and reduce the gray content. The water filter material is also filtered and rinsed to ensure that it is suitable for water filtration. Due to the ability to maintain good solid particles, anthracite filter media can reliably improve the ability to remove suspended particles. In addition, its uniform coefficient is low, which helps to speed up the flow rate.

The purpose of anthracite filter media 

Anthracite Filter Media in Water Treatment

anthracite filter media is a kind of filter material for filtering in the water treatment industry. It uses high -quality anthracite filter media as raw materials. It is processed by selected fragments, powder, sieve and other processes. Anthracite Filter is the most important layer of three layers of filter material, because it is directly facing sewage, the first layer of filter material for filter sewage. Can be used for drinking water and industrial production water and ordinary fast filters of various pool types. Double -layer and three -layer filters, various sewage filters, water purification filters and water quality treatment before and after the production of chemical, metallurgy, thermal power, pharmaceutical, papermaking, printing and dyeing, food, etc. It is widely used and has a large adaptation.

What are the characteristics of high -quality anthracite filter media?

The good or bad of anthracit filter in the process of filtering directly affects the filtered water quality. Therefore, the selection of this filter material must meet the following requirements:

① High mechanical strength, the sum of the crushing rate and wear rate should not be greater than 3%(percentage according to the quality meter).

② Chemical properties are stable and do not contain toxic substances. Ins the insoluble in general acidic, alkaline, and neutral water. Factory products are determined by the China Water Treatment Filtering Materials Supervision and Testing Center: The soluble rate of 0.68%(the ministerial standard is 3.5) can achieve a good purification effect among various types of water sources.

③ The particle size level is reasonable, which is larger than the surface area. The appearance of the product is spherical and angular, and the gloss is good. After three screening of mechanical vibration, the grade is matched with relevant technical indicators. Uniform coefficient (K60) is not greater than 1.5 (Japanese standards), and the uneven coefficient (K80) is between 1.6-2.0 and the gap rate is greater than 50%.

④ The particle size range is less than 5%than the specified lower limit particle size according to the weight meter, and the size of the specified upper limit is not more than 5%according to the weight meter.

Indicators of anthracite filter media:

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Anthracite Filter Media Price

The quality of anthracite filter media is divided into different levels, so the price is different. The level is mainly determined by: fixed carbon content, gray, and particle size; the higher the fixed carbon content, the small gray division, the uniform granular size is high -quality anthracite filter media, the higher the price. According to the proportion, it is divided into lightweight,anthracite filter media and heavy -quality anthracite filter media, and the price is different. The anthracite filter media we produce are good in quality and are competitive. Welcome to inquire.www.js-activatedcarbon.com

How to use Anthracite Filter Media?

The following is a Anthracite Filter Media supplier When the summary is used in Anthracite Filter Media, the thickness of its thickness is determined:

1. The size of the sewage volume is the most direct relationship with the thickness of the Anthracite Filter Media. In general, the larger the thickness of the filter material layer of the sewage should be slightly increased. The thickness of the Anthracite Filter Media.

2. If it is a filter tank, be sure to determine the thickness according to the size of the filter tank. The size of the filter tank and the thickness of the Anthracite Filter Media also have an important relationship. The general thickness in the filter tank is 70 cm. The minimum thickness is 65 cm.

3. Use the measured data to determine the thickness, measure the turbidity of the sewage in advance, and then change the thickness of the Anthracite Filter Media according to the turbidity.

It is used for filtering and purification of water and industrial water. The use parameters are determined according to the form of the filter during use. The thickness of the pavement of the general double-layer filter material is 280-420mm; the normal filter speed is 10-14m/h, the forced filtration speed is 14-18m/h; The thickness is 450mm, the normal filtration speed is 18-20m/h, and the forced filtration speed is 20 ~ 25m/h. Filter anti -washing is rinsed with water, water vapor rinse or supplemented by surface washing.

Commonly used for various media filters, carbon steel media filters, and three -layer fast filter system filters.

Anthracite filter media suppliers packing and delivery:


1. Big bag :1000ksg jumbo bag

2. Small bag:25kg/50kg PP bag



Anthracite filter media manufacturer according to your requirements

Shipping :

1.20GP FCL :18-20TONS

2.40GP FCL: 25-28TONS

3.40HQ FCL:25 TONS or 28 TONS

The above quantity without pallet ,the goods will be sent within 7-15days after receiving your order.


Anthracite filter media FAQ

We can provide samples for free and charge shipping.

1. What is your MOQ?
Our product MOQ is 10 kg.

2. What kind of software package will we use?
25 kg plastic bags can also be customized.

3. What is the delivery time?
1*20 GP container takes about 3 to 5 days.

4. Can you give me a discount?
Yes, we can negotiate

5. Can you give me advice based on the information we describe?
Of course, our mission is to provide you with professional services.

6. What is the shipping method?
Shipping, air, express. International train

7. What is the type of your company?
We are a Manufacturing & Trading Combo.



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