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Anthracite filter media

Anthracite filter media is a kind of filter used in water treatment. It can be applied in the treatment of common acid, the middle degree alkali. The product has large surface area, and its various indexes all exceed the Construction Department‘s standard. Anthracite filter media is especially selec
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Anthracite filter media introduction:

Anthracite filter media  is made of high-quality raw coal, which is selected, crushed, and screened twice. It is insoluble in acidic, neutral and alkaline water. In addition, the surface of anthracite particles is rough, with good adsorption capacity, large porosity (≥52%), and high contamination capacity. The backwash intensity is low, which can save a lot of backwash water and electricity.

Anthracite filter media products Advantages:

1. Higher service flows and longer filter runs than equivalent filters

2. Unique density allows Anthracite to be combined with other filtration media in multi-media filters

3. Close attention to gradation, hardness and purity assures consistent and reliable performance

4. Lower uniformity coefficient has less oversized and undersized particles resulting in a highly uniformed bed

Anthracite filter media application:

Anthracite filter media undergoes a series of strict processing procedures, widely used in different kind of water purification. It is a necessary filter material in the double layer filter and three layer filter. Our products mainly used in the water treatment of chemical industry, metallurgy, pyroelectricity, pharmacy, papermaking, printing and dyeing and food industry.

Granular anthracite filter media are filter media for the water treatment industry. Anthracite filter media use high-quality anthracite as raw material. Double-layer and triple-layer fast filter materials commonly used after fine selection, crushing, powder and sieving. Anthracite filter material is suitable for general acid and neutral alkaline purification treatment, and has a good specific surface area.

The granular anthracite filter material is used in conjunction with manganese greensand and garnet sand filter material, and is the best material for double-layer fast filtration, three-layer filtration and cartridge filtration. Granular anthracite filter material is the most effective way to improve the filtration rate, increase the water output per unit area, double the interception capacity, reduce the project cost and reduce the floor space.

Granular anthracite filter material is widely used in water quality treatment process before and after production in chemical industry, metallurgy, thermoelectricity, medicine, papermaking, printing and dyeing, food, etc.

Anthracite filter media packing and delivery:

Packing Details  : 25kg (55lb)/bag, 40 bags packed in a 1000kg (2200lb) bulk bag or pallet. 

                           1000kg (2200lb)/jumbo bag or as requirement                       

Delivery Details :  3-25 days after payment according to your order quantities


Anthracite filter media manufacturer shipping:

1.20GP FCL: 25 tons

2.40GP FCL: 25-28 tons

3.40HQ FCL: 25tons/28tons

The above quantity without pallet ,the goods will be sent within 7-15days after receiving your order.


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