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Wood activated carbon powder

Wood activated carbon powder is refined from nut shells and sawdust as raw materials. The appearance is black fine powder, non-toxic and odorless, with large specific surface area and strong adsorption capacity. It is suitable for sugar, pharmaceutical, beverage, wine and other water quality In the
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Wood activated carbon powder produces different performance characteristics in industrial applications typically catered to with wood or coconut products.

Activated carbon is divided into coal and wood in terms of material, and divided into: granular activated carbon, powdered activated carbon, and pellet activated carbon in terms of appearance.
Wood Activated charcoal powder possess outstanding decolorizing attributes due to their particular unique porosimetry. Their high surface area seen as a a significant percentage of mesopores and macropores generates a fairly low density along with a environmentally friendly and renewable supply of raw materials. Wood based powdered activated carbon is used for decolorizing in sugar liquors, juices,soybean and food industries.

-Relatively low density
-Renewable source of raw materia


The appearance and particle size of wood activated carbon powder are: black powder, particle size: 80 mesh, 100 mesh, 120 mesh, 150 mesh, 180 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 meshPowdered activated carbon has different iodine value and methylene blue adsorption value, and can be produced according to customer's requirements.


The production process of wood activated carbon powder

Wood Activated carbon powder(图1) 

Wood activated carbon powder application:

1.For purifying in the manufacturing of sugar, drug, drinks and wine.

2.For wastewater treatment and in the decolorizing, refining and purifying of organic solvents.

3.For decoloring and impurities removal of medicine, food additive, chemical industry, beverage and so on. Moreover, powder activated carbon can used in water purification.


Wood powder activated carbon packing and delivery:


1. Big bag :500kg/600kg jumbo bag

2. Small bag:25kg/20kg PP bag

3. 25kg Kraft paper bag



Wood powder activated carbon manufacturer according to your requirements

1.20GP FCL :10-16TONS

2.40GP FCL: 20-26TONS

3.40HQ FCL:22 TONS or 26 TONS

The above quantity without pallet ,the goods will be sent within 7-15days after receiving your order.




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