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The Characteristics and Applications of Garnet Sand

What is Garnet Sand? 

Garnet sand, also called natural carborundum, is a kind of precious ore resource with high hardness and wear resistance. It is widely used in the field of sand blasting rust removal, not only can effectively remove surface dirt and oxide layer, but also provide excellent surface treatment effect. This paper will introduce the characteristics, production process and application of garnet sand in sand blasting rust removal.

What are the characteristics of garnet sand? 

Garnet sand is a kind of natural diamond sand, mainly composed of aluminate and ferrite. It has very high hardness (mordenite hardness of 9.0) , strong wear resistance, can maintain a stable particle shape under high-speed impact. This makes garnet sand become an ideal material for sand blasting rust removal.

Chemical analysis of Garnet:  









granularity: 1-2 mm, 10-20 mesh, 20-40 mesh, 30-60 mesh, 60-80 mesh, 80 mesh, 120 mesh

The Characteristics and Applications of Garnet Sand(图1)

Production process of garnet sand :

Production process of garnet sand mainly includes mining, crushing, screening and fine grinding steps. First, the garnet ore is extracted from the ground through mining, and then the ore is broken up into particles suitable for sand blasting and rust removal after crushing and screening. Finally, the particle shape of garnet sand is more uniform and fine by fine grinding treatment. Packaging and sale: finally, processed garnet sand is packaged and sold to industries such as water treatment, metalworking, construction and jewelry making. These processing steps may vary from application to application and from processor to processor, but in general they can help to convert raw garnet ore into usable garnet sand products.

The use of garnet sand in sand blasting rust removal

Garnet sand in sand blasting rust removal has a wide range of applications. It can be used to remove the metal surface of the oxide layer, rust, paint and dirt, so that the metal surface to restore smooth and smooth. At the same time, garnet sand can also be used for surface treatment, increase the roughness of metal materials, provide better adhesion and coating effect. In the fields of ship, bridge, steel structure and automobile manufacture, sand blasting is an important technology, and garnet sand is one of the most commonly used sand blasting materials. As natural diamond sand, garnet sand plays an important role in the field of sand blasting rust removal. Its high hardness, wear resistance, can effectively remove the metal surface of the dirt and oxide layer, providing excellent surface treatment effect. With the development of industry, the demand of garnet sand will be increasing, at the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the protection and rational use of its resources.

What are the specific applications of garnet sand in the field of water treatment?

Filter media: Garnet sand can be used as a filter media in water treatment systems. The particles are uniform in shape, have higher porosity and adsorption capacity, and can effectively remove suspended matter, particles and organic matter in water. Garnet sand is usually filled in the filter, through the flow of water through the garnet sand layer, the impurities will be trapped in order to achieve water purification and filtration.

Sewage treatment: Garnet sand can be used in sewage treatment process of solid-liquid separation. In Sewage Treatment, sewage is filtered through a layer of garnet sand to effectively remove suspended solids, particles and organic matter from the sewage, allowing the sewage to be purified and treated.

Water quality improvement: Garnet sand can be used to improve water quality. It has adsorption capacity, can remove heavy metal ions, organic substances and odors in water, etc. . By passing water through the garnet sand layer, the water can be purified, improving the transparency and taste of the water.

Water softening: Garnet sand can be used for water softening treatment. In hard water, there are a lot of calcium and magnesium ions, through the flow of water through the garnet sand layer, can remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, reduce the hardness of the water, thus preventing the formation of scale. In a word, the specific application of garnet sand in water treatment field includes filtration medium, sewage treatment, water quality improvement and water softening, etc. . Its adsorption capacity and filtration effect make it an effective water treatment material.

What are the methods of using garnet sand as filter medium in water treatment?

Prepare the filter: first, you need to prepare a filter, which can be a cylindrical container or a filter unit. Ensure that the filter is of the appropriate size and structure to accommodate the garnet sand and provide sufficient circulation space. Packed Garnet Sand: fill the filter with garnet sand. You can adjust the fill as needed, usually to half to two-thirds of the height of the filter can be filled. Ensure that the garnet sand is evenly distributed and has no bulk voids.

Pre-treatment: some pre-treatment steps may be required before the use of garnet sand. For example, garnet sand can be washed with water to remove impurities and dust. In addition, treatment such as acid or alkali washing can be carried out to remove possible contaminants. Filtration operation: the water flow to be treated into the filter, so that it passes through the garnet sand layer. When water flows through the garnet sand, suspended solids, particles and organic matter are trapped in the garnet sand layer, while the purified water flows out through a filter.

Maintenance and cleaning: regularly check the running status of the filter, and according to the needs of maintenance and cleaning. When the impurities in the garnet sand layer accumulate more, backwash or backwash can be carried out to remove the pollutants and restore the filtering effect. It is important to note that specific methods of use may vary from one water treatment system to another and from one application to another. In practice, it is recommended to consult the relevant operation manual or professional to ensure the correct and effective use of garnet sand as a filter medium.

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